Marriage of

J.R. Carmichael Sr. and Rosa Kinard

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On the same day at 3 o'clock, p. m. at the residence of the bride's father at Towaliga in this county, Mr. John R. Carmichael was married to Miss Rosa Kinard, Rev. J. T. Kimbell officiating.  As in the case of Mr. Elder no cards were sent out and but few relatives and friends were present and ye editor being one of the favored number, was present, and like all editors, the catering part of a wedding is the most enjoyable.  After the ceremony and congratulations, the wedded pair and friends were invited into the spacious dining hall to seats at a table that fairly groaned under its weight of rich things that none but a skilled epicurean could number and name.  The feast ranged all the way from the nutritious and palatable baked shote(?) and roasted turkey to the delicate bon bons and sillabub, and of much quality as none but a skilled house wife could prepare.  On the following day a few invited friends gathered at the home of Mr. Carmichael's stepmother near Towaliga where a reception dinner was prepared and which was served to the full pleasure of all present.

Mr. Carmichael is too well known here and in business circles to need say words of biography from our hands.  Well educated, straight forward, honest and upright business young man and farmer.  He will make life a success.

The bride is a highly esteemed lovable and well informed young lady for her age, and is a picture of the ideal Southern beauty, the Georgia womanhood and Butts County loveliness.  We congratulate this couple also in their good fortune in being -( rest of article missing )

Middle Ga. Argus - Week of February 19, 1884