Dempsey Photo Gallery



Elam Dempsey


Hugh Dempsey's WWII War Record Pdf

Lazarus Dempsey claim after the Civil War
David Nix - Father of Irena Burns Nix
Irena Burns Nix Smith - Mother of Narcissa America Smith


Two Dempsey’s in the Rhineland Campaign-W.W.II

Descendents of David Nix - Family Tree   Pdf

5  Dempsey Generations Family Report  Pdf

Descendents of David Nix - Family Tree2  Pdf

  Sworn Document by Irena Nix Smith
Ref: her ancestors


Genealogy Report on David Nix  Pdf

 Francis Marion Nix -
Brother of Irena Burns Nix
Genealogy Chart


New: Judge T. J. Dempsey Sr.-
Supported to become Governor of the
State of Florida 1931

 New: 1863 Letter To  John D. Smith,
husband of Irena Nix Smith


"My ancestors are giving me "Bad heir" days"


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