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   Cascade Elementary School



Cascade Elementary School...If It Could Speak

Through my corridors, since years ago,
And on my elated playground,
Many young souls, with love aglow,
Each year found me around.

Together my students, during tender years,
Numbered many... as if self-sown,
But time has a way with smiles and tears
And soon I shall be gone.

As the years fly by, past students will tell,
You'll find many things anew,
But I know many hearts with love will swell
For one another....and me too.

Someday if you happen to pass this way,
I hope you'll take a look,
And remember me as in yesterday,
Where you played and cracked a book.

Remember your principals, teachers, and friends
And be proud of everyone.
Time determines when everything ends,
So rejoice...there's time for fun.

M. Rosser Lunsford



Grocery Store in Cascade Heights. I remember getting Green Stamps here. We would later paste them in a book and trade them for special items.

This is the sight of the old 5 and 10. This was a REAL 5 and 10...What a treat!

This is the sight of the old Cascade Heights Pharmacy. I remember sitting on the stool at the soda fountain and ordering a REAL cherry coke!!

Former Beecher HIlls Church

Susan Robinson's house

The Adam's house

Cascade Elementary School today (2004)

An old photo of Cascade Elementary teachers.

Adams Park Gym We would go there after school for cheerleading, basketball, and ceramics.

This is the field behind Cascade Elementary School. Here we would have kickball and softball games.

Adams Park

The golf house at Adams Park

This is the building behind Cascade Elementary. This is where I attended Kindergarten.

Swing at Adams Park lake.

Adams Park lake. I remember hunting for duck eggs along the shore of the lake and taking them home hoping they would hatch.

Swing at Adams Park lake

Adams Park lake

This is the house next to the Vaughn's house where we would get pop-corn-balls on Halloween

Jan Barrow's house

Powerline off Blvd. Lorraine. I remember thinking if I walked this I would get to China only to discover it took me several blocks to Delowe Drive.

This is the lot next to my house. There was a white house on this lot.

Nancy Lunsford's house

The Lunsford's house

Jackie Crawford's house

Dogwood tree in front of Jackie Crawford's house

This is the house on Venetian that was decorated with MANY Christmas lights

Vicki Cheek's house

I remember in the 1960's when we were having Fall Out Raid practices... this house had a large drum fallout shelter put in the front yard.

Sight of old Adams Park Library

Inside Adams Park Library. This is where I read the first "blue cover" biography book and sat behind the stacks reading the book Karen

Adams Park Library in Adams Park

Linda Wilson's house

House down from the bus stop

The Bus Stop. We would catch the bus here to go to Downtown Atlanta. We would shop at Rich's and eat in the Magnolia Room.

Adams Park off of Venetian Drive

An Adams Park Pavilion

The big rock in the Adams Park Creek off of Venetian Drive

Creek in Adams Park

Large group pavilion in Adams Park

W.B Crawford Sr.'s House 1300 Pollard Dr.

Jackie Crawford's Grandparents

Cascade United Methodist Church

John A. White Pool

Cambellton Plaza

Sight of the Jacob's pharmacy where I would go and have my Television tubes checked in a tube testing machine

Sight of the cleaners and laundry. Dad would get his shirts from the cleaners startched and folded around a cardboard picture for children to color.

This is the Krystal dad would stop at each morning. They would have his order on the table by the time he sat down..

Adams Park Library today (2004)

Ann Mashburn's house

Charlie's grandmother Petty's house on Rogers Avenue (2004)

Where Ms. Petty Sr. would go shopping down from Rogers Avenue.(Charie's grandmother)

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