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Dempsey Family Reunion

1990 - Bertha Carmichael Dempsey family reunion held at the Carmichael House in Jackson, Georgia

Oldest living in photo is Jake (J.R.) Carmichael, brother to Bertha Carmichael.






J.R. (Jake) "Red" Carmichael

Born:  May 29, 1901
Died:  February 25, 1994

Uncle Jake was known as the chewing gum man
by his many nieces and nephews. For generations
he always had a pocket full of Juicy Fruit or Big Red
to share with all the children young
 and old alike. In the past he also
                   had gum wrappers printed with his name on them.

Carmichael Family Reunion 1947

L to R (Bottom)
Lollie Carmichael McNiece,
Frances Carmichael Barnwell,
Bertha Carmichael Dempsey,

L to R (Standing)
Victor Carmichael,
J.R. Carmichael,
Rosa Kinard Carmichael (Mother)
Homer Carmichael,
Ed Carmichael (wheelchair)





On The See-Saw
       At Home - Sunday 1909

Rosa Newton, MaMa Carmichael,
J.R. and Edward Carmichael,
Frances Carmichael and Bertha Carmichael



Photo Gallery

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Great Aunt Frances Carmichael Barnwell

Sister to Bertha Carmichael Dempsey

Aunt Carolyn Uncle Homer Carmichael's Wife

Carmichael House Jackson Georgia

Bertha Carmichael Dempsey in a bathing suit

Bertha Carmichael at home with friends in Jackson

Bertha Carmichael with friends

Bertha Carmichael at home in Jackson

Bertha Carmichael in a tree with someone

Bertha Carmichael on the right with a friend

Bertha Carmichael with a friend

A picture of Jackson Georgia with the Carmichael House in the distance

Rosa Carmichael, Bertha Carmichael Dempsey, Rob Dempsey, and Great Grandma Kinard

A Bride's Tea Party

Bertha Carmichael and Friends

Rosa Kinard Carmichael (in front) with other children

Bertha Carmichael Dempsey Approx. age 4 years


Victor Carmichael

Grandma Bertha Carmichael Dempsey under the Gazebo with friends

Bertha Carmichael Dempsey - A wedding photo

Bertha Carmichael Dempsey - A wedding photo

Great Aunt Lollie and Jackie McNiece

Great Grandma Kinard holding Irene Dempsey with Rob Dempsey Looking On..

Ambrose Homer Carmichael

Bert and Roalie Carmichael

Bertha Beatrice Carmichael

John R. Carmichael Jr.

Lollie Caroline Carmichael

Rosa Ann Kinard Carmichael and J.R.Carmichael Sr.

Victor Carmichael

Painting of the Carmichael House in Jackson, Georgia

J.R. and Norma Carmichael