Carmichael House
     Jackson, Georgia

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           The Carmichael House, Jackson, Georgia





The Carmichael House is an 1897 Queen Anne Victorian Home which was designed by Wood and Morris Architects of Atlanta.  The house was built for $16,000.  the home showcases fine examples of wood craftsmanship, architectural detailing, stained glass, and technology of that time period.  The home contains 12 major rooms, 6 halls, 3 bathrooms, and 6 porches.  There are 47 doors, 77 windows, 5 chimneys and 10 fireplaces.  The house was originally wired for electricity 10 years before electricity came to Butts County.  This was the home for Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Carmichael, Sr., who had eleven children, nine of whom lived to adulthood.  Mr. Carmichael was a banker, buggy maker and quano dealer and was highly respected in the community.  After his death in 1908, Mrs. Carmichael continued to live in the house until her death in 1953.  During the depression years the house was divided into apartments.  Mrs. Carmichael rented out the upstairs apartments to young people.  After Mrs. Carmichael's death the house declined.  Mr. J. R. Carmichael, Jr. took over the house in the late 1960's and completed a loving renovation.  The house was sold again in 1992.  During this renovation additional air conditioning was added, as well as bathrooms and laundry facilities.  The home was sold again several years later.  The home now has a family with children running through the halls once more.