Carmichael Jackson Buggy Company

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In 1887 J.R. Carmichael began to manufacture wagons, carriages, and buggies. His buggies were said to be very elegant with large spoked wheels of hickory wood and plush seats. In an advertisement for the company in the Jackson Argus on February 4, 1897, the material the company used was described in the following manner:

GEARING--Best selected second-growth hickory that money will buy. Snyderžs second-growth shafts.
BODIES--Best of seasoned Ash and Tennessee Yellow Poplar, and well screwed, glued and plugged...
WHEELS--Best selected second-growth hickory, either banded, hub, or Sarven "A" Grade...
AXLES--Steel, double-collar, fantail, Long Distance and Ball- Bearing axles used when ordered, which reduces the      friction 60 per cent.
TRIMMINGS--Blue or green wool-dyed English cloth; black, brown or green leather--the best.
PAINTING--I have the most approved facilities for this branch of my work and use only the best materials      (Valentic & Co.'s) the market affords. The durability and finish of my work in this department are excelled by none and equaled by very few of the manufacturers in this country.

This company became one of the largest carriage companies in the south and produced nearly 4000 buggies annually. The company was an integral part of the Butts County Community at the turn of the century. They employed many workers including a reputed blacksmith in the area (Doc Thaxton). They also featured a money back guarantee and rebuilt used buggies to service the needs of the agricultural community in Butts County. The Carmichael Buggy Company's motto was "Live and let live."

The buggy company was forced to close when the automobile came on in full force in 1916.